An artist, a man, a father, Franco Costa is this and so much more. How to describe a person with such a colorful and eclectic character? It is even harder when the person in charge of such a difficult job is his daughter.

Franco is a extremely positive and strong person; anyone who meets him is impressed by his open and generous personality. His paintwork expresses fully his vivid spirit; vibrating colors and shapes combined in a such a simple yet touching harmony. Whatever subject he reproduces on canvas assumes that touch of joy and liveliness which characterizes Franco's philosophy of life; Art & Life a combination of the two elements which are at the origin of anything he creates or does.

How to resume in a few words the great value and meaning of the life of a person such as Franco? He has traveled around the globe encountering such different people and personalities of any kind; from South to North, East to West he has seen and enjoyed landscapes, tastes and traditions, lights and shades of cities in the whole world. This has obviously influenced his art, take a look for yourself: flowers, sailing, landscapes and much more reproduced in his original and direct style.

Franco is an artist in anything he does, his friends and family have the great pleasure of enjoying one of Franco's great abilities a part from painting: cooking. As a matter of fact this is another activity in which he excels, his fantasy and fine taste result in some of the most tasty, creative spaghetti and minestrone ever, believe me.

I invite you to take a journey through this website; you will be impressed by the number of different artworks created by this man through his life till today; each one expresses and transmits a sensation and you will surely find one which remains in your memory and reminding something precious to you.

Feel free to look around and if you have any suggestion or comment do not hesitate, mail us

Eleonora Costa