1934 Franco Costa was born in Rome on August, 14th.

1948 His first experience in stained glass in a church in Dundee, Scotland.

1950 At the age of sixteen he finished his studies of violin and harmony at the Accademia of Santa Cecilia in Rome and his Jesuit Classical education.

1951-1955 He studied simultaneously French language and literature in Geneva, architecture in Zurich and studied at L’Ecole des Art et Métiers in Paris.
In Provence, France, he often met with Nicolas de Stael, Picasso, Matisse and other artists.
This period is characterized by the interior turmoil between being a painter or an architect.
After the death of Nicolas de Stael, he left for South America.

1956-1957 He traveled in South America, Argentina and Brazil, mainly for the project of building Brasilia with his uncle Lucio Costa.
Encounters with Che Guevara, Manuel Kantor and Hugo del Carril.

1960-1964 For four years he joined the “Popular Theater Wagon” as art director, showing his work as a painter in different towns in the USA.

1961 Daniela, daughter of his first wife, was born in Rome.

1965 Franco collaborated with French and Italian high fashion as a stylist for new design of fabrics, used by Dior, Lancetti, Grès and Valentino.

1966 For a period he joined the High School of Textiles in Huddesfield, to specialize in fabric designs. He was often in London where he had a close friendship and collaboration with Cecil Beaton. Exhibition at the “London Arts Gallery”

1967 Trip to Ethiopia where he published his book “Theodor II” (a story on Emperor Theodor’s life). While travelling through China, India and Nepal he was inspired by oriental arts.

1968 Collaborated with Fellini as costume designer and assistant art director for the film “Juliet of the spirits”.

1969 Again in the USA to collaborate for a different design with Burlington Carpets, Philips ’66 and Lowenstein.
First exhibition at Gallery “Rizzoli” in New York.

1970 Art direction with the Chelsea Theater Center.
In Bordighera, he won the First Prize for the theme “Humour against drugs”.