1971 Exhibition at Gallery Erling Hagfelt in Copenhagen together with the Italian Institute of Culture. He wrote his first draft for his theaterplay “Oh ! Che Felicità”.
He collaborated with the argentinian writer of “Clockwork Orange” and later with the director Stanley Kubrick for both theaterplay and film.
He had his first exhibition in Sweden, Lidingo’s Stadz Biblioteket.

1972 Presentation of the script “Oh ! Che Felicità” in the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica in Milan. While living in Milan and Scandinavia he met Henry Unger and Kary Lash.

1973 He went to Columbia and Venezuela with Margot Benacerraf and Gabriel Garcia Marquez for the art direction of the play “La Candida Erendira”

1974 The preparation of the film “Oh ! Che Felicità” in Paris.

1975 Eleonora, his second daughter of his second wife Valentina, was born in Rome.
He made various illustrations for the book of Gun Zacharias “Skarnpack USA”. With a group of artists from Aquila he organized exhibitions in places such as Arischia, Calascio, Ofena and San Demetrio. The aim was to bring art to people like shepherds, farmers etc.
In Rome he collaborated with the group “Rajatabla” from Caracas, and as an art director he traveled with them from Rome through Europe to South America.
Another exhibition in Milan with “Arredaesse” on the theme “Arte Vita Uno”.

1976 With Carlos Jimenez he directed the group “Rajatabla” for his theatrical play “Oh ! Che Felicità”, which won the world award for theater in Caracas.
In Rome in “Galleria Poltrona Frau” he showed his exhibition “Arte Vita Due”.
In Citerna he showed the exhibition “Arte Vita Tre”.

1976-1978 Many exhibitions mainly in Sweden.

1978 In Rome at the “Bottega dello Scultore” with Alberto Ricci and 18 internatio- nal artists he had an exhibition in honor of the birth of the “Light of Sweden” Foundation.
His first exhibition for “The International Year of the Child” for Unicef, took place in Landskrona.

1979 Exhibition in New York with active participants from different schools for a new experience in order to give through research and culture, creative assistance to the children of the Third World.
In New York he held another exhibition for “The International Year of the Child” at the B.Altman Departement Stores on 5th Avenue. At the end of “The International Year of the Child” he brought the resume of his experiences in Gothenburg and New York to the State University of Montreal, Canada.

1980 He launched the Swedish Challenge for the “America’s Cup” together with his Foundation “Light of Sweden” and with King Carl Gustav (as member of Honor), at the Svenska Batmassan in Gothenburg.
He became the official “America’s Cup 1980 Artist”, through a very large distribution all over America, of the three official America’s Cup posters.

1981 The beginning of a period in which he worked with Volvo. He created the logo for the “Tennis Grand Prix” and made posters for different sports events like America’s Cup 1980, Ski Acrobatic, Horse Jumping and Motor Sports: “Franco Costa in Sports” with Lars Ahren.
In this year he started a series of ten paintings called “Houston 10”.

1982 He married his third wife Joshoua.

1984 Sebastian, his first son was born in Rome.

1985 He created a completely new design for Lycra Fibers of Du Pont de Nemours.
Samuel, his second son, was born in Rome.
The complete exhibition Societetshuset in Lysekil was burnt in a fire. A big loss of more than a hundred works, such as graphics, originals and tapestries.

1986 He made a poster design for Greenpeace, “Antartica” in Sweden.

1987 Great Australian experience, different exhibitions, America’s Cup 1986-‘87.

1988 He created two official posters for the Ski Race “Vasaloppet”, Sweden.
He painted the original of EUR “Il Sogno di Roma”, used as the poster of the “Salone del Mare” in Rome and to make Italians aware of the existence of the little lakes of EUR, he brought his friend Dennis Conner to a match race.
For the first time, official artist of the Baltic Match Race in Kiel.

1989-1990 As official artist of the Whitbread Round the World Race he painted originals and produced limited edition prints of all ports of call.
For the first time a small merchandising line was created with the reproduction of his art on it.
In a letter from the Whitehouse, President George Bush communicated his appreciation for the image that Costa made for the first Soviet entry in Whitbread with the boat “Fazisi”, putting the Russian and American flags on the same boat.
Exhibition of America’s Cup graphics in San Diego in collaboration with “Stars & Stripes”’skipper Dennis Conner.
This was the fourth consecutive cup season for both Costa and Conner who met during the 1980 America’s Cup races in Newport, R.I.
During Cowes Week Franco Costa’s works were shown by the Solent Gallery.
He was again official artist both for the second and third Baltic Match Race where his image was incorporated by BMW Sportslogo.